Independent management consultancies seem to have got off to a strong start in 2023.

At Orbbis we have noted in particular an increase in demand for resources to support projects being run by the larger consultancies. It is obviously common for firms to supplement their permanent resources with third-party associates when resourcing large projects or when the bench is light. So although this associate or resource augmentation model isn’t new it does seem to be growing in popularity and there is definitely a requirement for specialist skills on certain projects.

Utilisation rates have clearly increased this year and in some firms at least the benches appear stretched. Since 2017 Orbbis has provided such programme support to a number of the larger branded consultancies. But this year has been notable in the increased demand to access our partner and associate network. As an independent we provide solutions through our curated network of specialist, highly experienced independent consultants who have developed and refined their expertise through years of actually ‘doing the job’. This depth of real-life experience means they understand the impact of the change that they help to drive.

As well as resource augmentation in the form of individuals or project teams we are also delighted to engage in the smaller pieces of change & transformation work that may not be of the scale to interest the larger consultancy brands.