Dominic Cassidy

People & Capability

Dominic has a career spanning over twenty years in talent management and through his experience with both internal initiatives and client-led mandates he brings a broad mix of experience.

During this time he has co-founded a successful, nationwide talent consultancy and also managed and developed successful, multi-site teams within a leading international business. He has managed teams of over twenty people and his experience includes policy implementation, creation and development of bespoke training programmes, change management, project management and organisational design.

Talent projects that Dominic has led include organisational design within entrepreneurial businesses through to outplacement and effective off-boarding within global brand names. Further exposure and projects that Dominic has both won and delivered cover departmental re-locations, implementation of new attraction and sourcing strategies, challenging and developing on-boarding processes and succession planning.

Dominic has worked both in and around Board and Strategic level initiatives for the past ten years and within that time has gained a very clear understanding of both the challenges and opportunities that face business today, specifically around their people. It is quite possible that the pace of change within those ten years, specifically with regards to talent, their expectations and accessibility, has never been more pronounced. With more generations than ever before in the workplace, designing strategies that attract and retain such a diverse talent population is a particular passion of his.


“I have known Dominic for over 10 years and he is an astute and commercially minded operator with instinctive management skills. Dom is a loyal friend and a wise colleague. He is quickly trusted across seniorities, welcomes new challenges and adapts with significant capabilities to emerging opportunities. I’d love to work with Dom again. And I bet most people who have think the same.”

James Frith, MP