Emy Rumble-Mettle

Culture Change

Emy has spent twenty years working with people and she understands how to combine the commercial needs of the business with the human needs of every individual, hand-in-hand driving culture change alongside improved performance. Exploring what drives and motivates people and how to create cultures where excellence reigns and people are enjoying their roles is what makes her smile. Emy spends time looking at the “why” behind  the ‘what’ in organisations and provides tangible actions for businesses and boards to advance.

She has worked with boards across the world’s largest advertising network for the last 10 years, latterly for 7 years in-house, exploring how to create inclusive cultures and economies of scale across 6 companies working with leadership to undergo the people transformation needed to marry the digital transformation that is pervasive for all companies.

Emy identified this gap in leadership strategy in stark response to seeing humanity dwindle to the power of data exclusively.  She believes being human needs to be something leadership teams should self-check against daily, and it is the biggest differentiator between companies who thrive and those that struggle.  Emy knows that putting people first is right for business, for profit and more importantly for happiness and job satisfaction.  If companies can get this one thing right then the rest is a much easier task.

Emy works with clients to improve  internal communications, talent strategy, succession planning, inclusive cultures; disrupting board rooms for good, having courageous conversations daily and working with feedback as the key conduit to great outputs.


“Inspirational Leader! Welsh Wonder! Wherever Emy works she truly makes a difference – she is high energy and high impact. She is fully committed to improving attitudes towards diversity and inclusion in the workplace and works tirelessly for this important cause. Her work ethic is second to none, and whilst leading from the front, facing all the challenges that arise, she manages to retain a positive attitude, a high level of integrity and a wicked sense of humour!”

“There is not moment that goes by when working with Emy where you don’t learn something new, or feel empowered to do something bigger and better. Emy has the greatest talent of making people feel so welcome and comforted, its like you have known her for years. Cannot wait to see the amazing things Emy is going to do next!”