Gareth Davage


With a track record in strategic, operational and organisational review at non-exec and board advisory level Gareth is a multi-skilled business leader and SME business review specialist, with over 25 years of experience working across multiple sectors and business types. With innovation and creativity being high on the agenda, Gareth works with CEO’s to realize their potential, all with the common theme of placing the customer at the heart of its business.

Over a number of years Gareth has been working closely with the CEOs, Owners and Chairs of businesses in a variety of sectors to help them accelerate and deliver growth, whilst remaining true to the values of the business at its heart. Projects have been varied and in some cases complex, and have always started with a “health check” on vital business functions including; manufacturing, supply chain, customer base, process, control, financials and a top-down talent review.

Gareth offers detailed insights, thorough attention to detail and has a natural ability to work seamlessly with the management team on each project, always leaving the business with a clear plan and execution strategy.