Kris Nayak

Innovation & Strategy

Kris brings a wealth of ideas, experience and challenge to the range of roles that he has fulfilled. Throughout his career, which spans both blue-chip corporate and entrepreneurial start-up, he has built a robust reputation for challenging established thought. His career to date is a reflection of this.

Through driving innovation Kris helps companies shape their thinking on where tomorrow’s revenue will come from.

Kris currently works on a portfolio basis, spreading his time across a number of businesses; projects have included the design and delivery of operating models, wide scale innovation and digitalisation and, again, robustly challenging and innovating in the face of established thought.

Kris qualified ACA within the Big 4, further developing his skills within the Corporate Finance arena. His corporate career further illustrates the skills and experience that Kris can call upon: Director of Technology Innovation for a FTSE100 Software Developer; Global Strategy and Innovation Leader for leading Pharma; Head of Portfolio and Strategy for the UK’s leading Convenience Retailer.