Mike Roe

Diagnostic Software

Mike is on a mission to revolutionise the consulting industry and help every business leader to improve performance and ensure success. Mike brings a variety of leadership experiences to the table alongside the world’s first Automated Consultancy Software Platform, far surpassing traditional consulting methods and survey tools available today.

Enabling an accurate and simple view of the inner workings of an organisation in a rapid, non-disruptive and cost-effective way Mike’s platform was developed in collaboration with the University of Bath and grounded in the field of ‘organisational sense making’.  It collects data on organisational performance, culture, and engagement; team cohesion; leadership capability; and readiness for change. A software platform well positioned to enhance consultant teams and senior leadership on the cusp, and in the throes, of major change.

Mike has been instrumental in transitioning the company from a leadership consultancy to a software business that generates further opportunities for value-added consultancy work. He built and led the team that has successfully embedded the software diagnostic in a large number of global companies and in so doing has formed effective and enduring relationships with CEOs, HRDs and other senior leaders to ensure the product delivers outstanding results and performance improvements. Mike has a personal coaching relationship with a selected group of C-Suite leaders.

Mike has inspired a group of entrepreneurial investors to join his team with the vision and ambition of ‘Automating Consultancy’. Mike is leading a number of strategic collaborations that are promoting and bringing this platform to the attention of a global audience.


“This software provided the senior team with a ‘dashboard’ on the health of the business that was unique and spectacular. I can think of no other tool that matches it for ease of use, depth of analysis and power of output. What this software achieved in 2 days would have taken most firms 2 years and cost 100 times more. I have no doubts that if we had not worked with this software we would not continue on our growth trajectory. With it I am certain we will double again next year. Best money spent ever. Undoubtedly the most valuable 16 hours in our company’s 7 year history.” Piers Clark CEO/Chairman Isle Utilities