Ming Wei

Change Management

Ming is an experienced Change Management Specialist, valued for her knowledge, insights and practical style. She thrives on the challenge of analysing problems, resolving issues and delivering solutions. Passionate about creating customer-centric strategies, Ming is skilled in engaging clients and building rapport, helping to establish a plan of action and equipping clients with practical tools to tackle challenges and implementing change.

Ming is passionate about developing people, teams and businesses. Her core belief is that no matter where we are there is always room for improvement at both individual and corporate level. Her coaching specialisms include business transformation, leadership development and removing performance blockers. She helps clients to enable and empower staff to drive incremental changes, enhance performance and deliver tangible business value.

Ming has provided highly recognised services to corporates with a proven track record. She has extensive experience in managing change and implementing continuous improvement. In her 15+ years working as a project management consultant and coach in financial services, she has worked with high street banks including Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, MUFG Securities and HSBC, providing consulting services to high-profile programmes such as Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Common Reporting Standards (CRS) and Brexit.