Romi Zaman

Project & Programme Management

Passionate about getting the backbone of an organisation right, Romi is a highly experienced Business Transformation Director with an excellent track record of leading successful business transformation programmes in the Telco and Technology space.

Romi’s recipe for success is to build teams with the right blend of character and a focus on delivery, leading his teams with a strong personal connection, established processes and an outcome-led mentality.

Awarded ‘Leader’ of the year a number of times though his time at Natilik (global IT solutions provider & Cisco’s top partner in EMEA), Romi is proud to have set up Natilik’s project management division where he grew the team to over twenty people, building £3m revenue and increasing profitability by 50%+.

A confident and respected guide, Romi is well positioned to leverage his experience and help organisations learn and transform through PMO setup and growth, turnaround, growth, P&L and profitability review, recruitment strategy and proposition development.

“I had the pleasure of working with Romi during my time at Natilik.  As soon as I joined the team I recognised there was something incredible and unique about the team culture. Romi creates an environment of professionalism, respect and team spirit.  

Romi places importance on delivering successful projects, continually improving ways of working and having fun whilst doing it all!  Romi is not only a great leader to his team, he also builds great relationships with clients who value Romi’s ability to overcome challenges and solve problems.  

I value Romi’s insight and experience of delivering successful transformation programmes and would be honoured to work with him again in the future.”