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Consultancy services through industry experts

Consultancy services through industry experts


Orbbis is a consultancy services organisation who deliver high impact technology and business project based services across the United Kingdom and Europe. We utilise our Orbbis partner associate network and bench capabilities to support our customers in delivering key project solutions and outcomes.

We provide a full range of Advisory & Outsource Services, Managed Services and Resource Augmentation Services which can be flexible and tailored to our customer needs.



Orbbis Partners are a curated network of specialist, highly experienced independent consultants who have developed and refined their expertise through years of actually ‘doing the job’.  This depth of real-life experience means they understand the impact of the change that they drive.

Where we need to engage with the wider market we utilise our established networks to access the very best people for your project.  We are not aligned to any solutions provider, and immune to the preconceptions and politics that can influence internal teams – providing genuine independence.

We are delighted to engage in the smaller pieces of work that may not interest the larger brands looking to maximise revenues from client relationships. All our engagements are scoped and managed by Orbbis, working collaboratively, while taking full commercial and reputational accountability for our client’s outcomes.





Bespoke Teams

Creating bespoke teams from a curated network of senior, specialist partners – who have developed and refined their expertise through ‘on-the-job’ experience.







Working closely with our clients to conceive, design and propose a fully independent consulting solution that delivers transformational change, on-time & in-budget.







Working in partnership with our clients – communicating frequently, openly and honestly – fully committed to the target results, leaving a measurable positive legacy.